New combination of national football striker line, Wu Lei training with Exxon and Yang Xu
Wearing a red national football training suit and a smile on his lips, Wu Lei did not suffer from fatigue due to long-term travel fatigue.This afternoon, Wu Lei, who had just rushed back to Guangzhou from Barcelona, participated in the joint training of the national football team.In the group confrontation, he was in a group with Exxon and Yang Xu.In the early morning of the 2nd, Beijing time, after representing the Spaniards in the third round of La Liga against Granada, Wu Lei set off to return home overnight.He first flew from Barcelona to Shanghai Pudong, and then transferred to Guangzhou to join the national football team.Despite several hours of long-distance flights, Wu Lei patiently met the fans’ signature needs when he arrived at the Guangzhou Hotel.Wu Lei reunited with Exxon in the national team.Picture / Sports After a few hours of short rest, Wu Lei put on the national football training suit and entered the Tianhe Sports Center.The Air Force and the National Football Team have discussed whether to recruit Wu Lei, but the decisive factor is Wu Lei’s strong intention to play for the country.”As a Chinese, it is a matter of course for the national team to play.Wu Lei also admitted this in an interview today.With Wu Lei returning to the team, all 26 players of the national football team are here.This afternoon, with the exception of Chi Zhongguo training alone in the hotel due to fatigue of the thigh muscles, all the other 25 team members participated in the joint training.In the group confrontation, Lippi combined Wu Lei, Exxon and Yang Xu into three groups.Lippi is very concerned about the striker’s collocation due to the need to place a lot of goals in the Maldives. This combination is just one of many attempts.Exxon entered the national football team, Wu Lei will also get more support on the front line, the former said in an interview yesterday that will help Wu Lei score.Wu Lei is very much looking forward to this, “When Exxon was in Hong Kong, he could help me play my characteristics better at the center position, so he came to the national team and I believe that he can cooperate wellwell.”Wu Lei has been more active in today’s training and has not shown his fatigue.Wu Lei revealed that during Spain, Lippi often asked Wu Lei’s physical condition through an interpreter, and the two sides have maintained communication.When returning to the team this time, the national football coaching team prepared special measures to help Wu Lei return to his best condition as soon as possible.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin