NBA Finals Bonus: Spurs can win 4.1 million Heat with a maximum of 3.63 million
The NBA playoffs have entered the final good show. For the Spurs and Heat, no matter which team wins, it is a great honor for them.Even so, they will also gain in terms of bonuses.  It is reported that the NBA added a total of 14 million US dollars to the playoffs this year, which is 1 million more than the 13 million US dollars last season.  So far, there are only two teams left, of which the Spurs can already take about 326 from the prize pool.$80,000 bonus.The finals are not yet open. If the Spurs successfully revenge in this series and win the championship, their total prize money is expected to rise to 410.About 50,000 US dollars.  As for the Heat, the Heat have received about 279 in the bonus pool.With a prize of $50,000, if they win the championship, their prize will be increased to 363.$20,000.  The distribution of prizes in the prize pool is based on the team’s record in the East and West in the regular season.The Spurs are No. 1 in the West, and the Heat are No. 2 in the East.Therefore, this is also the reason why the Spurs won the prize and the Heat won the prize.The difference between the two is about $470,000.  Last season, the NBA’s prize money for the championship was about $2.3 million, which was eventually obtained by the Heat.The Spurs, who lost in the Finals, received about $1.52 million in prize money.Recommended reading: NBA Finals Friday Heat Spurs 50 US states only 1 state optimistic about the Heat NBA Finals-Parker will play Spurs first game as long as the 50% recovery can be played