Copa America 2015-Neymar denies insulting referee: nothing happened
In an interview with Rede Globo media, Neymar denied that he had a conflict with Chilean referee Enrique Osses in the player channel, and nothing happened.Neymar criticized the referee for the game in Brazil and Colombia. Neymar kicked the ball and the ball was kicked hard to the Colombian player Almero. This caused a conflict and was eventually left with a red card.The Disciplinary Committee of the South American Football Association issued him a four-game suspension ticket.At that time, the referee wrote in the post-match referee’s report that Neymar was waiting for him in the player channel and shouted at him: you just want to punish me for being famous, you bitch.  However, Neymar denied this.Neymar stated that he was indeed waiting for the referee in the channel, but he was waiting for Osses to ask, why was he sent off?Neymar said that the security staff present at the time witnessed this scene. I didn’t know what to say. I said I was going to fight him or something. He finally believed it.(Hiraji)