Real gold is not afraid of fire, and the golden sentences in good works are not afraid of tests.
Answer: A-Fu Ming, B-Ji Chunsheng, C-Peace, D-Peace Mother May 19, 2001, writer and screenwriter Liang Zuo died.He was born in Beijing and graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University in 1985. He is very familiar with Beijing culture and traditional art. He has created too many cross talk works in the early days, such as “Hukou Daydream” and “Elevator Adventure”.In the 1990s, he and his younger brother Inda co-authored China’s first sitcom “I Love My Home”. This work has been aired for 20 years and still has a large audience. The lines in it are also very popular.Speaking of the lines inside, it reminds people who say this, every character is alive and bright.Fu Xingyu’s caster Wen Xingyu died in 2007, but his old naughty character in the play has remained.In the play, he told his family that he had participated in the revolution at the age of 17 and learned to smoke in the struggle against the enemy. Because of the difficult conditions, “I have smoked everything except the fuse when I lit a cigarette.”因为对敌斗争的特殊性,所以他改名叫傅明,实际上他姓贾.In addition to several starring actors, this drama also brought together the big names at that time, Li Xuejian, Ge You, Jiang Wen . and even those who have become “senior actors” such as Ni Dahong, Guo Tao, and Xia Yu.Ge You plays Ji Chunsheng, a second-birth man, who is lazy to eat and has an abdomen.In his dialogue with Peace, he said the phrase “Sister, I am so uneasy in my heart”.When you think he is shameful and ashamed of himself, the next sentence comes. It turns out that he dislikes the dumplings without garlic, and the comedy effect comes out.The peace mentioned above is played by the still active actor Song Dandan, who is Fu Ming ‘s daughter-in-law in the play.Thinly boiled and dried. “In one of the episodes, when the police asked her that the criminal’s back was a certain kind, she replied, “Back view, anyway, it is similar to the back view of ordinary criminals.””” He also gave the police the body language to express what she believed to be the style of criminals, which was witty and humorous.Heping ‘s mother is also an old lady with frequent golden sentences. Although she only made a few guest appearances, the old lady who lived briefly with her daughter provided too much jokes.。Mus!Mus!Mus!”The word” Mums “has recently caught fire in the comic dialogue world, but in fact,” I Love My Family “more than 20 years ago was the source of popularity.”I Love My Family” has now become a cultural symbol, and any element in it can become a cultural meme in the Internet age.In addition to the “men”, the once-hot “Ge You Collapse” can be used in many scenarios after being deconstructed by netizens.In any case, “I Love My Family” is the presupposition of an era.After “I Love My Family”, Liang Zuo and Indah collaborated on “New Seventy-two Tenants” and “Sister Idle Man”.The naturally optimistic and humorous Liang Zuo will continue to make fun in another world.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Li Shihui