From guaranteeing supply to resuming the “second half of the war epidemic” of Hubei leading pharmaceutical companies
Like many local companies in Hubei, Renfu Pharmaceutical has had a challenging winter.Now, the critical moments in Hubei and even Wuhan are passing, and the largest local pharmaceutical company is entering the second half of the “war epidemic”, from the early stage of “assuring supply” to resuming work.This process is not easy.A person in charge of Renfu Medicine told the sauna, Yewang, strict safety and epidemic prevention requirements, and the objective restrictions that still exist in transportation and logistics, all of which affect the process of full-scale resumption of work.”The epidemic caused the company to fail to start construction after the Spring Festival holiday, which had a certain impact on production and operation in the first quarter.The person in charge said, “Through the gradual resumption of work of the companies belonging to the group, the company will strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic.”On the eve of” Fengcheng “, nearly 1,000 employees of the company accepted the guarantee instruction to invest in the” war epidemic “. On January 22, Hubei Renfu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Hubei Renfu), a Wuhan-based Renfu Pharmaceutical subsidiary, contactedInstructed, the company was appointed by the material security team of Hubei Province New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command to carry out the procurement and distribution of emergency materials for prevention and control.Wang Lei, director of Renfu Pharmaceutical’s Corporate Culture Department, recalled that the day was the first day of the company’s Spring Festival holiday.On January 23, Wuhan was closed.Immediately afterwards, transportation logistics around Hubei entered the blockade state.The supply and circulation of emergency materials have become one of the main pressures for the fight against epidemics. As a private enterprise, the human welfare has ushered in the first major challenge beyond its production and operation.According to Kyushu Tong, a local pharmaceutical logistics company that also accepts supply guarantee orders, procurement and distribution are not the core business of Renfu.The 2019 Interim Report shows that R & D, production and sales of Renfu Pharmaceutical’s main military drugs are still the largest business segment of Renfu.Products related to anesthetics, growth regulators, Uyghur national medicines, gender health, etc., and gradually promote the US generic drug business.In 2015, Renfu Pharmaceutical Group was affiliated with place 1.The Hubei Renfu Logistics Center with an area of 80,000 square meters was put into use for the first time. Five years later, the company became the main reserve storage and distribution enterprise designated by Hubei Province New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command. This logistics center was built for the distribution of pharmaceutical businesses.He assumed the “wartime” mission and became the stronghold of the company’s forward command post.Wang Lei was very impressed with the emergency action at the time: the first time after receiving the instruction, the company ‘s prevention and control work leading group was established, “unified command, unified action, unified procurement, unified distribution, unified reporting”, which was called “five”Principle of Wartime”; the next day, a temporary party branch was established.According to Wang Lei, the headquarters of Hubei Renfu Company and its more than 30 affiliates are in Han, and nearly 1,000 employees from various cities and prefectures participated in the anti-epidemic insurance supply.Up to now, the company has purchased and distributed more than 20 million pieces of various protective articles, more than 50 tons of killing supplies, and more than 10,000 pieces of various medical consumables and equipment, serving more than 200 secondary and above hospitals in Wuhan City and Hubei Province.Due to delays in resuming work after the Spring Festival and other reasons, the logistics center was once faced with the shortage of manpower due to the special failures in medical prevention and control materials and the heavy burden of reserve allocation tasks.”However, through efficient material allocation management, we fought day and night, and finally completed the task of preventing and controlling material reserves and allocating quality and quantity.”Li Hui in the company’s compulsory procurement work witnessed this extraordinary period.On January 28, Renfu Pharmaceutical accepted the urgent task of purchasing 20 types of medical supplies and consumables for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital before February 1, and required “zero errors, zero errors, and zero delays.”After receiving the task, Li Hui and Sun Yuankui, the boyfriend of military finance, urgently contacted manufacturers all over the country and went to the front line to purchase and accept protective clothing, masks, goggles, ventilators and other epidemic prevention materials.”Every day is busy until 11 o’clock in the evening. After returning home, we must continue to count certain data and check product information.”Li Hui said.In just four days, the couple gradually purchased 20 kinds of medicines and consumables worth about 30 million yuan and rushed to Vulcan Hill Hospital.On February 2, Vulcan Hill Hospital was officially delivered.Wang Lei told reporters that in addition to completing the supply guarantee task, Renfu Pharmaceutical Group and its subsidiaries gradually increased the total value of donations (including cash, medicines, medical equipment, medical protective materials, condolences, etc.) worth more than 37 million yuan.The full recovery is still on the way. The epidemic has dragged down the production and operation in the first quarter. “We will work hard to reduce the impact.” For Renfu Pharmaceutical, after completing the supply guarantee task, the second half of the “anti-epidemic” has just begun.The first test is to resume work.”We have not yet achieved a full resumption of work, and it will depend on the progress of epidemic prevention and control when full resumption of work.”” On March 16, Renfu Medicine insiders told reporters that Renfu Medicine has been engaged in the provincial procurement and distribution of emergency medical materials for the prevention and control of the epidemic at the beginning of the epidemic.Resume work.The reason why it is possible to fully resume work at present is related to the current strict epidemic prevention shift in Hubei.”One is to follow the guidance of the provincial and urban resumption tools, and the second is to ensure the safe production after resumption of work. The company must arrange the relocation of workers’ accommodation, living, catering, anti-killing protection, etc .;Some employees are on duty and transportation procurement is affected.”Since the Spring Festival, the group headquarters and subsidiaries have deployed strict prevention and control and placed fees.Wang Lei told reporters that in addition to uniformly purchasing equipment such as masks, protective clothing, and killing supplies for employees, the company also established a medical assistance group, “to provide medical information, psychological counseling and medical services to employees and their families in need.”The new crown pneumonia epidemic caused the company to fail to start normal operations after the Spring Festival holiday, which had a certain impact on production and operation in the first quarter.””The relevant person in charge of Renfu Medicine told the sauna that Yewang. After the enterprises of the group gradually resumed work, the company tried to minimize the impact of the epidemic.So, will the new coronary pneumonia epidemic affect the development strategy of Renfu Medicine in 2020?人福医药相关负责人告诉桑拿、夜网:“2020年,公司仍将坚定实施‘归核化’战略,集中资源发展既定专业细分领域,继续加快推进非核心资产的清理出售工作,该战略Will not be affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.”Throughout the entire pharmaceutical industry, Wang Lei believes,” In the short term, the epidemic’s demand for some medical supplies (certain medical masks, diagnostic reagents, etc.) will continue to grow. It is also an opportunity for new coronary pneumonia prevention vaccines and therapeutic drugs to be developed.In the medium and long term, the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry brought about by the deepening of medical reform will not change due to the epidemic situation.”Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yan Net, Li Weijia proofread Zhang Yanjun Email: yanxia @ with the highest preset picture provided