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Zizi is a special food commonly seen in the Dragon Boat Festival each year. It is generally made from glutinous rice and red bean paste. Grain miscellaneous rice dumplings are made from a variety of grains and beans. The flavor is even more delicious and the nutrition is very high.Properly add some nuts, the taste will be more sweet.

Materials of cereals and honey millet: 300 grams of round rice, red beans, mung beans, oats, eyebrow beans, peanuts, barley kernels, 300 grams of jujube, coriander leaves and rope 1. Some grains should be soaked a day in advance, and round rice will be soaked two hours in advance.

Mix the miscellaneous grains and rice before use.

2. Put the ravioli into the pot, add a large amount of water. After the fire is boiled, take it out, soak it in cold water and brush it one by one.

3. Take two Zhangye leaves and stagger them together, and fold back 1/3 upward to form a funnel shape.

4. Add a spoonful of miscellaneous grain rice, occupying 1/3 of the height, then add a pearl honey, and then fill the funnel with rice to flatten it 5. Fold the edge of the loquat leaf slightly inward, and turn the loquat leaf above the funnel towardsFold down to cover the stuffing, and then fold a corner on the top. The end of the loquat leaf is wound to the right and tied with a rope.

6. Put the wrapped dumplings in the pot, add water to the dumplings, and cook in an autoclave for one hour.

Tip 1. You can mix various kinds of miscellaneous grains according to personal preferences; 2. You can change the fillings to purple potatoes, which is also a good choice?
3, Diabetes patients with candied grains without candied dates can rest assured to eat, do not overdose delicious!

4. When you wrap the dumplings, fold the edges of the loquat leaves slightly inward to avoid leakage of fillings. 5. If you are not using a pressure cooker, cook for 2 hours.

Ingredients for grains and grains: milled rice, black rice, millet, bloody glutinous rice, sorghum rice, indica rice kernels, black beans, red kidney beans. Production method: 1. Wash the raw materials in soaked water 2. Pack the raw materials into the loquat leaves.Shape 3, add water to cook (2-3) and cook. Tips: The ingredients should be soaked in advance.

And separate soaking production time: 2 hours