2018 the world’s 50 most beautiful jerseys announced the national football dragon jerseys ranked second
January 2, 2019 Although 2018 has just passed, various inventories continue, and the famous jersey website La Casaca selected the 50 most beautiful jerseys in 2018, the Nigerian net red jersey, the national football’s Phnom Penh dragon patternParagraph, as well as the Brazilian team Corinthians in the top three, the Super League promoted to Shenzhen Jia Zhaoye jersey ranked 44th.The national football dragon jersey ranks the world’s 50 most beautiful jerseys. The 2nd most beautiful 50 jerseys in 2018. The national football jersey was listed in the 2018 Russian World Cup. The sponsor of the Nigerian national team launched a net red jersey for the African Eagles.According to media reports, this jersey reached 3 million pieces in 3 minutes.This net red jersey attracted too much attention from the outside. Even Gabon international Aubameyang betrayed his motherland and posted photos of him wearing this jersey on social platforms.  The sponsor of the national football team has also designed a dragon shirt for the Chinese team. This away football shirt of the national football team is mainly black. The shirt has a light golden dragon pattern on the chest.However, this jersey did not appear on official occasions. There was no chance for the international football team to wear this jersey throughout 2018. However, this jersey is extremely high in the eyes of fans, ranking second in the world’s 50 most beautiful jerseys in 2018.  In 2018, the most beautiful 50 shirts of the Balinese team Corinthians ranked third, and the most beautiful 50 shirts ranked 4-10 were the British team Leeds United, the Premier League team Tottenham, the Ligue 1 ball.Team Marseille, the French national team, the German national team, the Italian team Parma, and the Portuguese super team Porto.  Shenzhen home jerseys are also very popular. In addition to the national football dragon shirts that have not been officially released, the Shenzhen Jiazhao home field jerseys that surpassed the 2018 season are ranked 44th in the world’s 50 most beautiful jerseys.  P.S. The ranking of the world’s most beautiful jerseys in 2018 (top 10) is not.1 Nigeria national team NO.2 China National Team NO.3 Corinthians (Brazil) NO.4Leeds United (UK) NO.5 Tottenham (UK) NO.6 Marseille (France) NO.7 French national team NO.8 German national team NO.9 Parma (Italy) NO.10 Porto (Portugal) Original title: The 50 most beautiful jerseys in the world: National Football Dragon Robe No. 2 Shenzhen home jersey No. 44